Get Messy

The lovely, yet messy Bougainvillea!

 "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." ~ Erich Fromm
So, take a leap of faith and just begin the first step of walking down the path. Although you may have every thing in its place and in a row, like these beautiful Bougainvilleas, did you notice the  mess of  flower petals all over the ground? Or is it messy?

"A hunch is creativity telling you something."
        ~ Frank Capra

So, I tell myself that I just have to take a stroll down this path between my favorite, colorful Southern California drought tolerant plants. They grow into shrubs and trees. Bougainvilleas reach far and wide, always upward, spreading all over. Sometimes I find them along the pool, contained in beautiful Mediterranean pots or greeting me at the gate of a friend's home. I love all the variety of colors, especially this deep burgundy-red that I captured with my Nikon D200 at a local wholesale nursery.

The point of this post is to explore the journey of creativity and to find the freedom that it offers you. Creativity isn't a technique-- it's a mindset. Go ahead and walk about, discovering life.

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