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Just the other day, I went outside to walk thru our avocado grove and looked up and saw this stellar cloud display. I thought about the Usborne book I had been glancing through, called The Children's Book of Art by Rosie Dickins. Although this cloud formation looks like an angel greeting me with, "Welcome!", I'm currently reading about Andy Warhol who was born in the U.S. in 1928 and is famous for his bright, stylish prints of everything. I thought of his wig!

When I think of Andy, I immediately recall the famous 'soup can' image. Do you have a favorite?

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"Art is a vast subject, including all kinds of pictures and sculptures. This book introduces 32 works by some of the world's most famous artists." -- The Children's Book of Art

I am passionate about the arts. Our grandson has an easel and happily paints away on a blank canvas at 4! He expresses himself freely with circles and horizontal lines; such freedom. I love this children's book and how beautiful the introduction is for personal creativity!

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"Warhol was fascinated by famous faces and carefully created a celebrity image of his own, wearing a wild white wig to make sure he stood out from other people." -- The Children's Book of Art

Here are some of the artists whose pictures are included in this book:

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Strawberry Field and tractor: LadyD Books
Perspective: Preparing the Soil

Each year, especially right after the rainy season is over, the local farmers start preparing the fields for a huge strawberry patch. I was driving down a back road in the country and pulled out my 'lil point and shoot digital, instead of my Nikon 220. This green tractor was hauling and on the move, bit blurry... I know. He had a full days work ahead of him and I'm sure wanted to get the job ready for "planting time."

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