Great Indian Chiefs

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Keoluk was the head chief of the Sauk and Fox nation at the time of the Black Hawk War in 1832. Unlike Chief Black Hawk, who was a man of direct action and straightforward speech, Keokuk was a subtle political manipulator.

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Keokuk opposed a war with the white man because he knew that his people would surely lose. He convinced his followers not to join Black Hawk in battle.

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Instead, he tried to gain the favor of the government by keeping his people at peace. He told his followers what would happen to the Sauk and Fox nation in the event of war with the Americans.

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"In a contest where our numbers are so unequal to theirs we must ultimately fail. All we can reasonably expect or hope is to wreak our vengeance upon their hated heads, and fall, when fall we must, with our faces to the enemy."
-- Great Indian Chiefs  by Bellerophon Books

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