Foggy Day and the Cake Doctor

photo of a foggy day: LadyD Books

                                     Morning has broken.

fog over mountains: LadyD Books

Then 'Coastal Eddy' began to drift inland.

foggy mountain range: LadyD Books

Soon it became pretty foggy all around.

fog settles above mountains: LadyD Books

It got foggier as the morning progressed.

fog in the valley: LadyD Books

I didn't have the foggiest idea when it would lift as I watched the car lights from above.

dense fog: LadyD Books

The fogginess hovered over like, 'June Gloom' but here it is July!

inland weather

Fortunately, a little later on the fog did burn off. So far,  we are having mild temperatures this summer in SoCal, compared to other heat waves in some parts of the country. At least we have no need to worry of wildfires... I hope your 4th was wonderful. I'm hoping to learn night-time shooting with my Nikon D200 when I fully understand what all these 'F stops' mean! Did you see the fireworks?

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book reading image

There's a lot of book memes online and one that I like to participate in, Friday 56. Do you have a favorite? Here's a hardcover book that I'm currently reading, written by Anne Byrn, called the Cake Doctor.

The Cake Doctor cover art

The Cake Doctor says...

"From-scratch cola cakes are not as dark and chocolatey as devil's food cakes, so for this easy version I start with a plain white cake mix and flavor it with unsweetened cocoa powder. The marshmallows melt into the cake batter as it bakes, making sweet, sticky pockets. And the two-egg cake bakes up rich and dense with the addition of butter and buttermilk. The cola frosting is a dandy, too, much the same as the Chocolate Pan Frosting. For added flavor, toast your pecans before folding them into the frosting."
It's a good thing that I'm allergic to chocolate. I remember how every Christmas my piano students bring me a 'chocolate' present and my hubby, the lucky one, benefits greatly. Are you a chocolate lover?!

So, what are you reading today?


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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