Foggy Valley

Foggy Valley: LadyD Books

 The temperatures have cooled down somewhat and finally, the humidity is leaving us. Beach fog, familiarly called 'Coastal Eddie,' swooped in and filled up the inland valley the other day.

Hill Top Fog: LadyD Books

I've seen thicker fog banks but this was a welcomed site, bringing hot temps from in the 90s down to refreshing 80s temperatures.

House on the Hill: LadyD Books

I remember using the bright lights on motor vehicles, used in foggy conditions to improve road visibility and to warn others of one's presence. It seems low beam worked best in this situation for me.

View of the Valley: LadyD Books

This photo reminds me of a fogbound forest. The valley is enveloped and obscured by the fog. I can imagine similar sites over in Europe or for that matter, anywhere.

Fog Lifting: LadyD Books

There is a town in southeastern Italy called Foggia; population 160,000 but this isn't it. I live in SoCal near a beautiful mountain range. As you can see, the fog is burning off.

ship with fog horn by the bridge

When visiting Maine and San Francisco, I recall hearing foghorns, a device making a loud, deep sound as a warning to ships in the fog.

Birds on the telephone wire: LadyD Books

 Nearby where I live, you'll find a flock of birds chatting amongst themselves regarding the local news, while waiting for the fog to lift.

white flower: LadyD Books

Lily's of some type burst with new growth every spring and summer in these parts. White seems to stand out contrasted with all these gray skies.

White eppie flower in bloom: LadyD Books

The white "eppie" is one of my favorites I'm sharing with you for Floral Friday Fotos.

grandson playing by the pond: LadyD Books

It's amazing to me, how you can give a kid a simple wind-up toy that's about 1" long and here you'll find my grandson being entertained by the pond for hours. Photo for Color Connection.

The Friday 56 (Book Meme)

I've been reading the hardcover book that my aunt gave me awhile back; The O'Reilly Factor For Kids. She thought I might like it and could find some cool tips and insights to share with my 4 grandchildren. Bill O'Reilly shares a note from a viewer that is found on page 56... I find it sad to read.

"Nowadays, you have to have a boyfriend and be going all the way with him! Then on top of that, you have to do drugs, drink and smoke! -- Anonymous

The O'Reilly Factor for Kids: A Survival Guide for America's Families

Being a music educator, I just love hearing about some great kids out there and to hear of their wonderful personal goals and community achievements. Life is short, make it count. Do what matters!

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“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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