5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Books

This guest post is by Jason Harter @homeownersinsurance.org. 

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Books

Books are a large part of today's society. Books help people learn new things that they need to know. Books help people stretch their imagination to new lengths. Books can offer people a release from their everyday lives as they have the opportunity to put themselves in the place of the characters in the book.

1. Don't leave your books outside- There are a number of elements that will ruin books if they're left outside. In the case of precipitation, rain and snow will damage books, perhaps beyond repair. Sun can also damage books by discoloring the pages. By leaving your books outside you also run the risk of animals getting a hold of your book and ruining it by tearing it up, taking it somewhere else, or getting it really dirty. If books are kept inside they will have a much better chance of staying in good condition for a very long time.

2. Do not leave extra things in your books- Extra contents place inside a book raise the likelihood and speed of the binding of the book breaking down and giving out. This will cause the entirety of your book to fall apart. In the even that your book binding does wear out, be sure to repair the binding properly, and not just in the way you think might be best.

3. Always repair broken book binding in the proper way- What is the proper way to mend broken book binding, you ask? Contrary to popular belief, the correct way to fix the binding in a book is not to simply use glue or scotch tape. Both of these options will weaken the paper and either ruin the book in a new way, or simply just not hold up and only be a temporary fix while further ruining the book. There are two options in correctly repairing broken book binding. One solution is to take your book to a professional book binder. This is an inexpensive solution to broken binding. The second option is to take two cardboard pieces that are the size and shape of the book and tie them, placing the book between cardboard pieces. You can also place the book inside a folder.

4. Do not eat or drink while reading your book- This is an important rule because it can possibly be the most damaging. Eating or drinking while reading your book is a very good way to spill on the pages. This can result in a stickiness of pages, which would cause those sticky pages to stick to other pages. This could, in the worst case, render some of the pages in your book unreadable. Not only is eating a problem, but also drinking. If particles of food are left in a book, they are likely to rot and eventually grow mold inside of your book. This is definitely not a problem you want to have!

5. Keep your books in a room with a regular temperature and humidity level- Irregular temperatures and humidity levels can damage the paper of the books and therefor ruin your precious novel.

Author Jason Harter enjoys reading and blogging. He is a contributing writer for homeownersinsurance.org.

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