Book Review: One Little Christmas Tree

one little christmas tree

One Little Christmas Tree, a children's picture book, is written by the Curto Family & Rusty Fischer. Best for ages 4-8 (preschool to early elementary).

I had the opportunity to take my 3 children to tree farms every year because we lived in the country and the hills were covered with Christmas tree farms. Every December our home smelled of Douglas Fir, the real deal. Now that I am older and soon to be a grandma of 5, I have an artificial tree and miss the earthly tree fragrance but the grand littles now have the experience of choosing their own tree. This special book reminds me of our experience as a family. I think this little paperback book would be a great addition to your library or reader.

Book Description

 Alfred is a young tree at Carl's Christmas Tree Farm in beautiful Spruce Creek, North Carolina. As all trees do, Alfred starts out with big hopes about being picked each Christmas to be a wonderfully decorated tree for the family he 'inherits.' Time passes and Alfred becomes disappointed that he has not been picked yet. To comfort him, his friend, Mr. Phipps, urges him to be patient and that one day he will be welcomed into a warm, inviting home for the perfect family. Does Alfred get his wish? Will he become a welcome addition to a loving family?

Book Review 

A charming story about  big tree (Mr. Phipps) and little tree (Alfred) discussing their life purpose on Carl's Christmas Tree Farm. Since Christmas time is about being with family, Alfred learns slowly through time that as he continues to grow into his fullest potential and height, someone will want to bring him inside to be the center of holiday celebration and bring joy to everyone. You'll want to find out if one boy, named Elmer chooses Alfred or if it's the other way around. An easy reader with warm messages on patience, belonging, family and friendship; with very cute illustrations. 

5/5 stars, recommend

One Little Christmas Tree: A Children's Christmas Picture Book (Volume 1)

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Photos for Blue Monday 

granddaughter on tree stump: LadyD Books

alone in the forest: LadyD Books

granddaughter resting on tree limb: LadyD Books

climbing up the tree: LadyD Books

heading up the tree: LadyD Books

Little Flora and I walked back up the old grove trail along a slight incline, and then once back inside the ranch, we decided to make some Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments. Have you made these before? I got the idea and instructions on how to make them from 5 Orange Potatoes

cinnamon-applesauce tree ornaments

I knew I had the applesauce and cinnamon in my kitchen. All set to go but first, we took a little time-out to enjoy a peanut butter sandwich with homemade peach jam.

homemade applesauce: LadyD Books

homemade peach jam: LadyD Books

orange lantana: LadyD Books

Orange Lantana at the bottom of our grove and peach jam for Mandarin Orange Monday

I know I have been sharing a lot with you on my only granddaughter's visit with me. The memories are still fresh and endearing. As many of you know, I'm a piano teacher. So I thought I would take a moment to share some talent that runs in our family (not bad for 2 years old!)... enjoy!

What do you think? Does she have the makings of a "little star?!"

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