Review and Giveaway: Ella the Pink Elephant

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Cloud of Elephants for SkyWatch Friday

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The Elephant Dance

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Humans are the elephant's worst enemy. Luckily, elephants don't have many other enemies. If you were as big as they are, you wouldn't have many enemies either.

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As our  first rain storm approached and the clouds rolled in, the cloud formations  seemed to take on an elephant cloud look that reminded me of these elephant statues we had seen at the Safari Park. Do you have a favorite zoo close by? Every time I look at my animal photos (like the one below), I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have a famous zoo and safari park close by. I really enjoy watching elephants do their dance, swing style.

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Mother and Baby

 For The Friday 56, we visited our beautiful, local library and found a wonderful book,
Elephants: A Book for Children by Steve Bloom, a wildlife, and nature photographer. There are 80 stunning photographs and entertaining text captures, to answer questions like:

Why do elephants flap their ears?
How much do they eat?
Why do they roll in the mud?

elephants a book for children by steve bloom
Pg. 56
"Sometimes elephants take part in festivals and are painted all over. In India the elephant is particularly respected." -- David Henry Wilson, author
elephant for festival

So, upon returning home from our elephant journey at this huge outdoor park, my granddaughter and I decided to play "feed the elephant a peanut." My husband and I had so much fun making this cute homemade toy out of cardboard and laminating paper peanuts to entertain a 2-year-old. You can find the instructions (quite easy) on how to make it, here.

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ella the pink elephant picture book

Once upon a time, Ella, a baby elephant born in a zoo, was so cute that she was dressed in crowns, earrings, tutus, colorful shawls and fancy slippers. She got lots of attention! When she outgrew her baby costumes she was elegantly dressed for weddings and was still the center of attention. But what happened to Ella when she grew old and wanted to retire from the limelight? When she was no longer loved for her looks, did she find the meaning of true happiness? Follow Ella through her life from birth to old age!
My Review:

From baby to old age, Ella fascinates children and parents. We meet Ella, her mother, and father, along with her zookeeper,  Zeppo the Clown. Being a graceful elephant child, we see Ella playing with all sorts of dress up attire, especially pink slippers to match her pink body. Being the star of the zoo, Ella begins to form unique relationships with everyone who comes to visit her. Time passes and Ella grows much larger. She now finds herself the star of weddings and many people ride her on top of her beautiful blankets. Eventually, Ella needs to rest and retire from being the star. Will she be alone or will others continue to show love and visit her? Like other elephants, Ella will remember all of her warm memories with people. A beautiful book with an insightful message on growing old gracefully, with colorful illustrations.

I recommend Ella the Pink Elephant to everyone. My 2-year-old granddaughter, my daughter, and 4-year-old grandson love this book. Congratulations on the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Doris Rueger!

5/5 stars.

Daughter and granddaughter: LadyD Books

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Reading Together for Color Connection

life, love and fame of ella the pink elephant: LadyD Books

Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love, and Fame

Doris Rueger has supplied an extra copy of her picture book for my dear readers. This giveaway is  for the U.S. only and  will be held for one week. Don't forget to leave me your email in the comment section and good luck everyone!

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