Review: It's Our Nature

It's Our Nature picture book

 I recently won this book, It's Our Nature at Library Thing in exchange for my honest review. I think most of you know that I discovered my niche along time ago and that is children's books. Ever since I have been blessed with 4 grandchildren (and did I tell you another is on his way?), I find myself most comfortable reading picture books. 

Perhaps some find kid's books boring but have you thought of some of these points...

1. The character or characters
2. The story line
3. The setting
4. The pace, or action and conflict
5. The illustrations

I even take notice on the size and shape of the book, and how it feels in my hands. I visually scan the overall theme to the story and then begin to read aloud with a grandchild snuggled close by. In this particular hardcover picture book, we discover that animals have feelings to.

Book Description

A unique look at the social behaviour of wild animals for very young children, this book will find a home on school and library shelves, and in the hands of careful parents.

Offering a unique perspective on the animal kingdom and its social habits, young children will embrace this beautifully illustrated book, both visually and intellectually.

My Review

A clever book title bridges an understanding of animal behavior for children to learn that animals have feelings, too. I found the text to be very educational and informative, beginning with a description of the Howler Monkey's selfless concern for the well-being of others. Interesting illustrations depict the animal community of elephants and flamingos to be one of a generous community. Overall, a strong sense of harmony (embracing diversity) is seen throughout the animal kingdom, showing strong attributes of the penguin, armadillo, and wildebeest, to name a few. I especially like how the book cover becomes a free animal poster. This would be a great addition in school, home library, and gift giving.

4/5 stars.
Love the cover art and I do like penguins, so cute! This is a good read for an older child.

Happy Reading!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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