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 Who said, "Every cloud has a silver lining"?

"John Milton's masque (dramatic entertainment) 'Comus' (1634) gave rise to the current proverb with the lines, 'Was I deceiv'd, or did a sable cloud/ Turn forth her silver lining on the night?' Charles Dickens, in his novel 'Bleak House' (1852), recalled the lines with 'I turn my silver lining outward like Milton's cloud,' and the American impresario Phineas T. Barnum first recorded the wording of the modern saying in 'Struggles and Triumphs' (1869) with 'Every cloud,' says the proverb, 'has a silver lining.'"

Thus, Phineas T. Barnum, in 1869, was the first to write the proverb that is said today, but the concept behind it dates back to John Milton's masque in 1634.

Above photo taken from our eastern view (glorious sunrise) with the Nikon D200. 

I'm a huge fan of the song, Clouds by Judy Collins. Some of you may remember...

talking with artists by pat cummings

I have been working on writing my own children's stories for quite sometime now. I belong to a writer's group online. I just love to write and I'm always grabbing pen and paper to quickly jot down some ideas. Do you ever get that urge to write, or perhaps doodle and sketch a bit? While I was at our local library, I checked out a few books on "How To Draw."

Talking With Artists by Pat Cummings is the winner of the 1992 Boston Globe/Horn Book Award for Nonfiction. I'm reading through the book this week and discovered a few things about the artist. If you're interested in her work, for more information visit

Pat illustrated:
Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon!
Just Us Women (Reading Rainbow Books)
Storm in the Night
My Mama Needs Me

 The jacket flap reads:

Have you ever wondered

  • Where children's book illustrators find their inspiration?
  • If they were always good at what they do?
  • What their days are like?
  • How you can become an artist, too?
For The Page 56

"I think I was asked to illustrate it (Faithful Elephants) because I love to draw animals, and because I use real people for models I can get great feeling into my figures." -- Ted Lewin
What are you reading today?

Grandson playing the guitar: LadyD Books

When we're not looking at picture books, my grandson loves to play the guitar. He definitely has that "in the zone" look! Photo for Color Connection.

Have a wonderful weekend!

 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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