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orange sunrise: LadyD Books

I have often wondered, what do clouds smell like? What sounds are they making as they roll by? This is what one morning sunrise in SoCali looked like, just a soft pastel sky. Perhaps an orange sorbet or cotton candy kind of sky. For more wonderful views around the world, visit Skywatch Friday.

Orange sunrise to the east: LadyD Books

 I'm currently reading a book about recording studios and recording engineers called,
Working In Music And Dance (My Future Career). Having played on various worship teams for over 30 years, I've seen lots of expensive soundboards and small portable outdoor systems.

The main qualifications of a recording engineer are:

1. Advanced technical and computer skills.
2. A good ear and knowledge of music
3. Quick thinking
4. Teamwork
5. Patience
6. Commitment
7. Communication Skills

LadyD Books is participating in a blog meme called, The Friday 56

"Engineers need to be familiar with a wide range of different recordings and editing equipment, such as microphones, multitrack recorders, and digital editing systems. They have to know how to use this equipment safely and confidently."
Granddaughter at the piano: LadyD Books

LadyD Books is participating in Color Connection. Our granddaughter likes to play on an old acoustic piano, as well as the keyboard. She has such stage presence, oh my goodness!

Here's a few music and book items you may be interested in:

'Til the Clouds Roll By
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Mighty Clouds of Joy
A Thousand Tomorrows / Just Beyond the Clouds

Also, Soundcloud has a great free app that you can use to record music, make comments, and share through a variety of options.

LadyD Books is also participating in Friendship Friday

What are your favorite Christmas carols? Are there any songs that embody the spirit of Christmas for you? Do you participate in any special musical events during the holiday season? Share the music that makes you merry this Friendship Friday!
I have had fond memories over the years of participating in various events at this special time of year:

1. Kindergarten music class performing at a local nursing facility.
2. Piano Christmas recital for my piano students.
3. Neighborhood caroling.
4. Gospel Choir
5. Church Choir Christmas program

My favorite song is Silent Night. It's a simple melody that brings peace to my soul. When you hear it being sung by a children's choir in many different languages, it just melts my heart and it keeps focus on the main thing, Jesus. Do you have a favorite? They're all great, so hard to choose.

Now, loving Jazz as much as I do, I would say that Christmas Time Is Here played by Vince Guaraldi and sung by Diana Krall puts me in the mood. Plus, a certain electric piano keyboard setting is pretty to hear in The First Noel , too.

For me, my all time favorite highlight has to be winning two special online giveaways from blogging friends. First off, over at Valerie Storey's blog, I received tons of writing goodies (journal, bright sparkly pens) and a great manuscript written by the talented author, Valerie Storey,

The Essential Guide for New Writers: From Idea to Finished Manuscript

Then Ramona was hosting Daria's Holiday Giveaway on her blog at Create With 
 I received news that I was the winner and words cannot express my gratitude. What a blessing!

Daria is a beautiful musician, sharing inspiration to all throughout the years with multi cultural children's music for everyone. Being Greek, I have many special memories, celebrating Christmas very similar to Daria's post. You can read about some of them here

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers while spreading Christmas cheer to all!


 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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