Storm Approaching

storm approaching: LadyD Books

 With hopes held high, we continue to wait for rainfall. With the last storm, we had a little over an inch of rain here in SoCal. Not bad, and indeed we welcome "free water." We've heard stories on the weather channel about all the rain storms that have been happening in abundance in Northern California for this time of year. Looks like we'll be getting a sprinkle or two since this storm is passing us and heading on towards New Mexico. We'll continue to have temps in the 70s, so we're looking pretty good for December. How is it where you are? Skywatch Friday

There's a funny part in one of my hubby's favorite movies, "I heard there's talk of a blizzard." Have you seen this movie with Bill Murry and Andie MacDowell?

Groundhog Day

Walk along Oceanside Harbor: LadyD Books

After a storm, we love to head towards the beach and look for seashells that have been washed up towards the shore. As you can see, my daughter and granddaughter have a way to go before they come across a beautiful sand dollar. I just love looking at their footprints in the sand, such a beautiful legacy to enjoy. I think our pier is fantastic and some days it is crowded with the fisherman  coming from all over. Do you have a pier near you? Linking up with Color Connection.

sketching outdoors in summer by jim arnosky

 I love how artists experience nature close up and share their talents with the world!

Book Description

With the same delight and reverence that suffuse Drawing from Nature and his other award-winning books, Jim Arnosky invites artists of all ages to experience nature close up by sketching outdoors at a special time of year--summer.

The Friday 56

"It's a good thing pencils can float. During the summer I spend a lot of time around, in, and on water. As a boat moves about on water, its shape appears to change with each new angle of view." -- Jim Arnosky for Freda's Voice
Happy Reading!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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