The First Kiss

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Pink Kissing Clouds from an eastern sunrise in December is my contribution for Skywatch Friday

The Friday 56

 Don't Miss Your Life! is an Uncommon Guide to Living with Freedom, Laughter, and Grace.
Charlene Baumbich has news for you. God is wooing you to live life to the fullest. Don't Miss Your Life! shows you how to slow down, wake up, let go, hold on, and LIVE!

"Did any of the above scenarios ring your bell? If so, march yourself straight to the mirror, look at your lips, and give them permission at least to smile. Or have you noticed yourself stifling a laugh, say in church, thinking it's rude to laugh, especially when you don't want anyone to know what you think is so funny?" -- Charlene Ann Baumbich, author of the Dearest Dorothy Series.

grandson kiss

Our Grandson deciding to give a first kiss (unannounced) to his cousin. So occupied with a red rhythm egg shaker, my only granddaughter was caught unaware! Have you seen this video of pretty Taylor Swift? She's very popular with my piano students. I'm remembering the lyrics to Taylor Swift's Last Kiss and you can hear the song,  Last Kiss in iTunes. Linking to Color Connection

"Chester Racoon and his mother prepare for Chester's first "night" at school. He is a little apprehensive, and, of course, he wants to stay home with his mom. Mrs. Racoon shares a secret with Chester called the Kissing Hand. She kisses Chester's palm and tells him to put it to his cheek when he begins to feel lonely at school. This book makes a great gift for a child entering school or going to camp for the first time, or for any occasion where a child will be temporarily separated from home and loved ones. It can also be used to help a child through the death of a parent or special loved one, and for children placed in foster families and residential facilities. For teachers, this book would be super to read the first day of school. It could also lead up to wonderful science, social studies, and reading/writing activities" -- Review by Laura Green
The Kissing Hand is available at Barnes & Noble. It is a children's classic that has touched the lives of millions of children and their parents.

Other book recommendations from LadyD:

Adventures of Little Bear (I Can Read Series)

Forty years ago, beginning readers first met Little Bear and instantly fell in love. Little Bear was the very first I Can Read Book ever published and has set the standard for this groundbreaking series ever since. Little Bear's Visit was named a Caldecott Honor Book in 1962, and all the books have won numerous awards.

Cinderella's Story

Hi, kids! Someday, when you get a little bigger, you'll probably want to get married (I know I do!). I just want to let you know that God, your Heavenly Daddy, wants only the best for you. So when the time comes, believe God and stand on His Word. Seek God first, delight yourself in Him, confess His Word and believe His promises (about healing, marriage, prosperity or whatever good things you desire) and God will give you the desires of your heart! (The good things you want.)


Fairies and the Quest for Never Land

Gwendolyn Carlisle loves fairies, perhaps too much. On her birthday, she receives the precious kiss; necklace which has been passed down from mother to daughter ever since Peter Pan gave it to Wendy Darling. That night, Gwendolyn has the first of her visions; tantalizing, lifelike visions, almost as if she were actually in Fairy Haven. More than anything, Gwendolyn wishes she could be there. When she is just about to lose hope, Peter Pan comes at last.

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The First Kiss
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I love this print of innocence because of the healthy bloom in her cheeks and the rose that gives her an aura of innocence and their display of tenderness that seems to speak loudly of friendship and caring relationship.

I hope you had a great Christmas and I look forward to connecting with you, blogging into a new year ahead. Can you imagine 2013? Ready or not, here it comes!

Happy Reading,

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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