Wordless Wednesday: Discovering Joy

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 Photos for Wordless Wednesday: Playgrounds Providing Safety and Self Esteem

My One Word: JOY

 I've been so busy lately with lots of Dr. appointments for myself at the beginning of the new year. I was catching up on some reading while sitting in the waiting room and came across an excerpt from Marilyn Meberg that I thought went well with the above photos of our 2-year-old granddaughter (with her hair in her face) playing on the playground at the park.

"I love playful people! People who aren't too sophisticated or too proper to engage in zany antics draw me like a two-year-old to mud.

Sometimes I think we responsible adults assume that being playful might be interpreted as being childish, maybe even silly. Admittedly, nothing is more tragic than an adult who fails to gain the maturity and wisdom necessary to live a productive life. But equally tragic are adults who forget how to vent their play instincts.

The mature person is able to recognize the distinction between the two worlds and choose which world is appropriate for the moment.

Jesus said it's impossible to enter the Kingdom unless we become as little children (Mark 10:15). He seemed to place a high premium on that childlike quality. He reminds us of how preferable it is at times to be childlike."

Recommended for ages for and up. Here's a helpful review:

"As a Kindergarten teacher I make a point to read this book every year to my students, to show them that a scary or seemingly hopeless situation can result in a good friendship with a little perseverance and creativity. I like the fact that the Dad was a good source of support for the child, and that the Dad is shown working outside and inside the house in some non-traditional roles. Buoyed by his father's support, Kevin returns to the playground, always trying new ways to secure a spot on the playground. Children need more tools like this for resolving conflict in a non-violent manner."

King of the Playground

As a grandparent, I am so fortunate to see the children play so well with one another and at their daycare and preschool. Also, they go to story time at the library and have gymnastics, too. Kids just seem to have a natural joy, a happy heart, when it comes to playing with one another... but then there's our selfish nature that we have and the need to learn to share with others and to get along. For now, we are slowly beginning to prepare our grand littles to talk with us about anything, especially the bully on the playground. Life can be a bit hard sometimes and not always fair but hopefully, they will not be bullied but have joy on the playground!

I look forward to hearing about your new one word...

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