The Benefits of Reading Books Everyday

Three Lao girls sit outside their school
English: Three Lao girls sit outside their school, each absorbed in reading a book. This photo was taken after a rural school book party by Big Brother Mouse, a publishing and literacy project in Laos, which provides many children with their very first books. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Benefits of Reading Books Everyday

You have shelves and shelves of books just sitting in your house and begging to be read. However, for some reason, you tend to pass over them on a regular basis in favor of other activities. What are some of the reasons that you really should be opening the covers and exploring the world that books have to offer?

The Basic Skills

If you go into any college classroom or high school, you might find a lot of students who are quite proficient in their higher order thinking skills. However, when it comes to the fundamentals, they do not have the necessary tools to succeed. As they grow, they turn into adults who do not understand the basic components of writing and reading. Through reading your books, you will start to understand these skills that are necessary for life.

Opening Your Mind

No matter what the background of the protagonist in the novel is, you'll likely find some way or another in which you can relate to this person. As a result, you begin to look at people who are from different cultures, religious, backgrounds or situations in a new light. You see that you have much in common with them, and you begin to appreciate their worlds. This understanding and appreciation then is able to translate into your regular life.

Power of Learning

Whether you are learning about different cultures, places, people or simply different concepts, books give you the ability to really develop and expand your mind. You do not necessarily have to read novels; you could also give books that deal with certain disciplines a try too. You might learn new information about historical figures, mathematical concepts or scientific skills that you never knew before. If you are taking a course, reading some supplementary material can really help you to better understand the subject at hand. Ask your professor for some recommendations on books you can read to enhance your knowledge and expand your understand of the course.

For Entertainment Purposes

Now, reading does not have to be all about learning factual information and going on a journey to other lands. In fact, reading a book can just make you feel relaxed, and it can provide plenty of entertainment for you. Just like a television show, the stories that are found in books are enjoyable, entertaining, funny and just plain good to read. When you've had a stressful day, settling down with one of your favorite books can just make you feel better again. It's hard to deny the power that a great book beholds. You can read science fiction, romance, romantic comedies, horrors, mysteries and all of the rest when you pick up a book.
Whether you are heading to the library every day or digging out some of your old books, starting to read again is sure to take you on a wonderful adventure. Once you have finished your first day or two of reading, you'll likely start to look forward to it on a regular basis.

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“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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