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 Vulture is the name given to a scavenging bird, found in North and South America, including the well-known Californian and Andean Condors. A group of vultures is called a wake, committee, venue, kettle, or volt. The term kettle refers to vultures in flight while committee, volt, and venue refer to vultures resting in trees. Wake is reserved for a group of vultures that are feeding. For more information, visit

I took this photo with the Nikon D200, looking through my car window. No, I wasn't the driver this time. When you're walking around our ranch, you'll notice red-tail hawks in flight, especially with the strong wind currents up above. This time, it was a kettle of vultures. Sure wish I could have gotten closer but they were way high up! For more photos, visit Skywatch Friday

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Did you know that there is a free app for children, Lego for Kids for the iPad/iPhone? There's a helicopter that Ryan loves with this game. Linking up with Color Connection.

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Your Sense of Sight

Your sense of sight gives you visual information. The information is collected by the eye. After your eye gathers the information, the information is changed into electrical impulses and sent by a special nerve to your brain. Your brain is then able to read the eye's information.

I'm currently reading a paperback book that actually is teacher material for grades 1-4, called Let's Investigate The Senses. There's a section on How Sight Works that I've been sharing with my grandson.

"Your eye is like a camera. The small black hole in the center of your eye is the pupil. The pupil lets light into your eye. The iris is the colored part of your eye. It works like the shutter of the camera. The iris makes the pupil bigger and smaller to let just the right amount of light in. When you are outside on a sunny day, the iris makes the pupil smaller to let less light in." -- Patty & John Carratello

Let's investigate the senses

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Me and My Shadows - Shadow Puppet Fun for Kids of All Ages

How precious is this? Oh, the wonder of discovering your shadow for the very first time! Our granddaughter taking a memorable journey outdoors in her orange outfit and clogs, watching her shadow. Hmmm... does this remind you of a book?! Linking up with Orange You Glad It's Friday

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Whether playing with shadows of all sorts or soaring through the skies, I am so glad it's Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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