The Crawdad Song: Lyrics and Chords

Safari Lagoon: LadyD Books

The serene location is near the African Village at the San Diego Safari Park. It looks like it just may be the perfect spot for crawdad fishing. A crawdad looks like  a small lobster (also called crayfish.) Have you ever been crawdad fishing? When I look at this peaceful scene, an American Folk SongThe Crawdad Song comes to my mind. You can hear the song and download the free sheet music Freebies Crawdad. I play this southern song in the Key of F, too.

Crawdad Song Lyrics
lyrics to the crawdad song
 Crawdad Song Chord Chartchord chart to the crawdad song

 On YouTube listen to the children violinists play and sing The Crawdad Song

orange flowers along the trail: LadyD Books

Alongside the numerous nature trails inside the park, I noticed these pretty orange flowers growing everywhere. I'm not sure of the name but they have an appearance similar to a red trumpet wildflower.

men fishing along the pier

Later on in the day we took a drive over to the harbor to see if anyone caught something for the day and we spotted the two fishermen with a sun perch on the line.
little fish for bait

 No worries here because this little fish quickly was scooped up and put right back in a bucket of water. Do you remember the funny part in Nemo where the pelicans say, "Mine."?!
pier at oceanside harbor: LadyD Books

I think you can see the puzzled look on my grandson's face since he was so excited to climb up the rails of the pier, but seems a bit perplexed and not so thrilled in finding his way down. He made a safe landing, so all is well!

The Essential seafood Cookbook

From crab cakes in a New York eatery, to moules mariniere in a French bistro, or salty fish and chips on a windy boardwalk, seafood is deliciously at home anywhere. Today, caviar is a costly extravagance, and fish is a highlight on pricey restaurant menus, so it is hard to imagine that seafood was once poor man's fare. But tastes and values have changed and The Essential Seafood Cookbook - with over 600 full-color photographs - shows how fresh seafood now enjoys respect and popularity around the world.

The Page 56: "Lobster, Rock also known as crayfish, cray, spiny lobster is firm with sweet flavor. Barbecue, grill, pan-fry, poach or steam."

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