Soaring Through Struggles

sign that reads backwards: LadyD Books

Looking closely, you'll see that the flags have letters that read backward. LadyD Books is linking along with others, her one word, JOY

Today's Happenings

I got an email from someone today saying, "I don't know you and I don't care about your photos!"
Ouch! I wasn't sure if I should "Delete" or tell them to "Unsubscribe." Faced with a choice, I decided not to dwell on it and...

My Response

I immediately went into prayer and then felt better about the whole matter. Plus, I read a little. My "JOY" was back!

Barbara Johnson

"I was flying from Minneapolis to California, or so I thought, when the pilot announced we were returning to our port of departure. "Whatever for?" we all wondered, groaning and complaining. The pilot explained that the aircraft couldn't get enough altitude to clear the Rocky Mountains near Denver. Despite our mutterings, we turned around and headed back.

Once on ground, it wasn't long before the airplane mechanics found the problem. One of them had left a vacuum hose in the door, preventing the seal from being tight enough to allow the cabin to be pressurized and thus enable the plane to clear the Rockies. A simple error by a careless mechanic drained the airplane's power to soar.

What's your personal vacuum hose that keeps you from soaring?

Pray for illumination.
Let go of worry.
Follow the disciplines outlined in the Bible.
Communicate with the Pilot as well as the ground crew.

Do whatever is necessary to remove the hoses that drain your energy or force you backward.

Don't give up and take the bus. It's better to fly. Remember that underneath are the "everlasting arms."

 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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