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My Gift To The World, Kindle Edition

Miriam Lizette Geisler: My Gift to the World, Kindle Edition

About The Book

Like fingerprints, snowflakes and trees, each of us has a unique set of traits and talents, which I call “gifts.” My Gift to the World aims to inspire children to discover their true interests and natural abilities - their “gifts to the world” - and then to consider what they will do with their gifts.

The story, My Gift to the World, is about a little girl named Valentina, who, upon asking her mother why she became a piano teacher, finds out that this was her mother’s “gift to the world.” The mother gives Valentina numerous examples of unique gifts and talents various people have, and how they share them with the world. Ultimately, Valentina is told that finding and doing what she loves will be her gift to the world.

Having taught in both public and private elementary schools for years, and as a contributing author for the book, It’s All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a Teacher of the Year, I have noticed that at the beginning of the school year, we always talk about what the students want to be when they grow up and what kind of jobs they would like to do.


It is so true that the greatest gift is love and I applaud the author for showing children the dance of accepting the uniqueness of each person's special gift. Embracing our differences and celebrating the many talents, services and vocations of any community enriches perspective and growth at any age. I love this story, it has value!

5/5 stars. Highly recommend.
My Gift to the World

Where Hummingbirds Come From, Kindle Edition

Adele Crouch: Where Hummingbirds Come From, Kindle Edition (English/German)

About The Book

This delightful little story tells of a young girl's time with her grandmother as she relates to a legend of Where Hummingbirds Come From. Grandmother explains the magic waters and the beauty of this tiny bird. Where Hummingbirds Come From may well become an all-time children's classic and a perfect book for the young reader. As well as a wonderful study guide for English as a second language students.

About The Author

Adele's memories of her grandmother are filled with warmth, happiness and love. "My Grandma Tony was one of those story-book grandmas. She was cheerful and loving and her house always smelled like fresh baked bread. She had a 'snuggle up' lap and plenty of affection to go around for all of her grandchildren", Adele comments. Her passing was difficult, but did not dim the wonderful memories Adele still carries in her heart. One night, many years after her Grandma Tony's death, Adele woke to the sound of her grandmother's voice in her head. She got up, went to her computer and typed what was streaming through her mind. The end result, How The Fox Got His Color. Less than a week later, Adele awoke once again in the pre-dawn hours and went to her computer. By daylight, Where Hummingbirds Come From was complete. How The Fox Got His Color and Where Hummingbirds Come From are fun books for children, ages pre-school through elementary school. Although older children, adults, and English as a second language students will also enjoy it. See: www.creationsbycrouch.com If you wish to contact Adele, you can email: adele@creationsbycrouch.com              


I like a story that weaves tradition and magic together. Young children will enjoy the country scenes, seeing a gentle breeze singing and flowing above a gentle moving brook. Kids will learn where and how these beautiful little birds come and go, especially gathering nectar. It's remarkable timing for each family member to witness this special sight of colors, flowers, birds and water. It's a sweet story, introducing another language.    

5/5 stars. Cute story, recommend it.
Where Hummingbirds Come From

How The Fox Got His Color, Kindle Edition

How the Fox Got His Color, Kindle Edition (English/Japanese)

About The Book

This delightful little story tells of a young girl's time with her grandmother as she relates a legend of how a mischievous little white fox with all his grand adventures going over and under and through became the red fox we all know today.
How the Fox got His Color may well become all-time children's classic and a perfect book for the young reader.
Now that Japanese is a supported language, I have updated the content of this book. The Japanese is no longer in jpg format and Kindle users are able to adjust the font size to their liking.


The author has captured a warm relationship between a loving grandmother who enjoys story-telling and an attentive granddaughter. Children will enjoy these nice illustrations, seeing the adorable white fox embarking on a playful journey. Plus, the ending will bring a smile to your face. I really liked the story and how wonderful it's available in many languages.

5/5 stars. Warm and tender story.

How the Fox Got His Color Bilingual Japanese English (Japanese Edition)

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I viewed them on my iPad and love the illustrations in the first book.

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