Billy Graham Nearing Home: Review

I just finished reading the New York Times Bestseller, Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well. As you can see from the cover art, Billy Graham's writings won the 2012 Christian Book of the Year.

My Review

How do you prepare for unexpected twists and turns of getting older and do you like growing older? Do you or someone you know is now facing infirmities and uncertainties that are a part of this maturing process? I can relate to these timely questions and thought of so many dear people that surround my life with these same thoughts and feelings. Billy's writings encourage and inspire us to live bravely in the midst of difficulty and shows us how to be content.

Throughout the pages of the book perspectives on life and faith are sprinkled through the ten chapters. The author focuses on "old" as genuine, valuable and beautiful. God used so many people in the Bible in their later years. Are you willing to be used by God regardless of being bound by physical ailments, financial constraints or the loneliness of growing old?

As a grandma of five, I heard a repeated theme or call if you will, to invest the fruit of your experience in the lives of others. Billy Graham is passionate about legacy and leading other generations by example. Life is a journey of many steps and growing older is a gradual process. Burdens and disabilities become our companions. Are you willing to be used by God? 

I love the book and plan to get copies for gift giving. Get the book, you'll be blessed.

5/5 stars. Highly recommend.

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