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Franz Schubert (First Discovery: Music) l LadyD Books

                                                          For ages 7-11, Grades 2-6

I'm a huge fan of Franz Schubert. I wanted to take a peek inside the book because of its awesome cover art. The beautiful children's book is displayed proudly in my music studio for students and parents to enjoy. I am passionate about music education. Let me tell you a little bit about the book.
  • About The Book
Delightful hardcover children's book written by Paue du Bouchet and narrated by Michael Cantwell.
Here are the list of songs you'll find on the CD in the back of the book.

First Discovery
(11 songs, 42 minutes)

  1. House 'At The Sign Of The Red Crab'
  2. Better Than His Father
  3. A Fine Blue Suit
  4. Music Above All Else
  5. The 'Schubert Quartet'
  6. A Passion For Composing
  7. I've Lost My Piece Of Mind
  8. The Songs
  9. Chamber Music
  10. Piano Music
  11. The Symphonies

Franz Schubert (First Discovery: Music)
  • Review

Schubert, a true Romantic artist who drew his beautiful music from painful situations. He knew he wasn't going to live long and it saddened his heart. He appreciated the sounds that were stirring within and created great compositions for the world to hear. 600 wonderful songs were written, like poems expressing deep feelings some written for voice and piano. The author, illustrator and narrator provide a great selection of music for all young musicians to enjoy in this very attractive book. The illustrations are gorgeous, along with historical and family background for children to learn about. If you are studying an instrument, writing songs, performing music with others or come from a musical family, the book is an excellent way to introduce children to classical music. You will enjoy listening to Schubert's music over and over. This is a great addition for the piano studio and homeschool library.

5/5 stars! Highly recommend.

  • Schubert

1/31-1797 to 11/19-1828

Popular Works:

Symphony No. 8 in B minor (Unfinished) (1822)
Symphony No. 9 in C ("Great") (1825-28)
Piano Quintet in A ("Trout") (1819)
"An Sylvia," "Erlkonig" & other Lieder

Schubert was a musical prodigy at age 10 and became a composer at 19. At 23, he had over 500 works.
Sadly, he lived in poverty and his health declined. He died at the age of 31 and according to his own wish, he was buried close to his hero, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Thanks to Allison Roy and Moonlight Publishing for the opportunity to review a great book. It's one of many from a great series. I really like this one.

Franz Schubert (First Discovery: Music)

 Happy Reading!

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