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  • Title: Henry Percell
  • Author: Marielle D. Khoury 
  • Illustrator: Charlotte Voake
  • Narrator: Michael Cantwell

  • Publisher: Moonlight Publishing
  • Book Type: First Discovery - Music
  • Ages: 7-11
  • Themes: Music, Church, Opera

Henry was interested in all kinds of music. He developed a fascination for the theatre thanks to an old family friend. 

From Amazon Website:

Purcell was a court musician like his father and uncle. He also wrote music for the theater—a mixture of instrumental pieces, songs, and dances. Children who have tried making up their own dance steps, or who can tell the difference between the sound of the violin and the viola, will find that they have much in common with Purcell.

Book Review

Wonderful information about a great English composer who was born in Westminster and lived near Westminster Abbey. Rough beginnings and some dark days ahead for the lad because his dad died young and the plague hit London which was incurable. Fortune soon comes to Purcell as he sings for the children's choir in the Royal Court. This famous composer of Baroque music began composing at the early age of nine. He learned the organ and published a book of songs when he was 16. I especially love that Purcell liked all types of music, including the theater of comedy and tragedy scenes. Court composer at 18 with the King's Violins, this will surely soothe your soul in hearing such heavenly music. Students will learn about the richness of anthems, along with Queen Mary's celebration of Purcell's odes. His operatic work is inspiring by King Arthur and all. Indeed, you will enjoy discovering the richness of Henry Purcell's music.

Purcell was universally mourned as "a very great master of music." 

5/5 stars. Highly recommend.

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Music by Purcell:

Dido and Aeneas
King Arthur
The Fairy Queen
Ode to Saint Cecilia

Cd Selections

1. A City Child
2. Like Father, Like Son
3. Dark Days
4. Learn To Read As You Sing
5. In The service Of The Royal Court
6. First Job
7. From Church To Theatre
8. Royal Composer
9. Sacred Music
10. The Odes
11. Music For The Theater

Henry Purcell (First Discovery: Music)

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