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Author Terry Kraszewski: LadyD Books

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet author, Terry Winn - Kraszewski while shopping at the Carlsbad Street Fair earlier this November. She is a lovely woman and passionate about life and all the wonderful treasures of the sea. Terry is warm and caring in hoping there will be a cure for Cystic Fibrosis one day. I fell in love with this gentle soul (kindred spirits) and purchased her picture book, Surf Angel. It will be a very special present of fantasy and sheer delight for our granddaughter who lives by the sea. Surf your dreams, little Flora!

Surf Angel: LadyD Books

  • Product Details

  • Age Range: 4 and up
  • Grade Level: Preschool and up
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Sunbelt Publications; first edition (September 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0982198906
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982198902

    • Amazon Snippet

    Join the Surf Angel on her magical adventures to the ocean kingdom below, where she visits her sea life friends to prepare them for a safe night of sleep.

    Surf Angel includes delightful illustrations that will captivate children of all ages and remind us to be respectful stewards of the sea s natural treasures.

    This book also includes an audio CD, in which the story is lovingly narrated by surfing legend, the original Gidget, who is accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the ocean and it's friendly inhabitants.

    • My Review
    A magical journey for young ones and adults who love the ocean and all of its treasures. You will enjoy this special story read aloud while listening to the shore flow in and out. The gentle barking of the sea lions is amusing, too. This is the perfect bedtime stormy for young and old alike because it is so relaxing. If you believe in angels and the wonder of nature, you will find inspiration amidst the gorgeous illustrations of colorful starfish, a fun-loving seahorse family, along with a mother and her baby whale. This sweet story is a wonderful way to wrap up the day, knowing that a charming surf angel, lovingly watches over her ocean friends and brings everyone closer in appreciation of the sea. It's a beautiful book and just right for my granddaughter. We love it and highly recommend this one! 

    5/5 stars. Highly recommend!

    • About The Author

    Terry grew up in sunny Southern California, soaking up the sunshine, saltwater, and a love of the surfing lifestyle.

    She has a degree in Early Childhood Development, and considers the ocean a wonderful place to raise two beautiful and talented daughters.

    Terry owns a surf boutique called Ocean Girl in La Jolla, California, which features her own brand of surf inspired clothing called "Surf Angel."

    An "anything is possible" attitude created her optimistic approach and influences her involvement in issues ranging from protecting the environment to finding the cure for Cystic Fibrosis.<Br>Co-Author, Heather Dawn Kraszewski

    Heather was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at four months of age. Living a positive life full of laughter, she inspires and teaches valuable lessons about how life should be enjoyed and treasured each and every day.

    Heather has a degree in Film and Television and has worked on many television shows and feature films. She is also a gifted writer and story teller.

    Having the beach as her playground, Heather has always felt a strong connection with the sea and the wonderful animals that share the ocean with her.

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    • About The Illustrator           

    Bonnie Bright grew up in Malibu. Her parents, Mike Bright (surfing and beach volleyball legend and Olympian) and Patti Bright (volleyball Olympian and all around great mom) taught her a love for the beach and the value of hard work. When Bonnie is not busy producing artwork for clients, she enjoys her favorite pass times - playing beach volleyball, paddling and watching the sunset.

    In addition to book illustration, Bonnie Bright's art and animation appear on a wide range of educational computer games. Her other creative talents include portraits, 3D background art, 2D animation and web design. Bonnie is a full time, freelance artist and enjoys a healthy balance between hard work, volleyball, and family.

    Best wishes and much continued success, Terry Kraszewski!

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