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I like reading juvenile fiction and I've enjoyed reviewing children's books from Tyndale House PublishersPeak City Publishing and more. Here is an overview of chapter books that I have read and I've posted my reviews (see my profiles) on LibrarythingGoodreads and

So, what are chapter books? Wikipedia says...

A chapter book is a story book intended for intermediate readers, generally age 7-10. Unlike picture books for beginning readers, a chapter book tells the story primarily through prose, rather than pictures. Unlike books for advanced readers, chapter books contain plentiful illustrations. The name refers to the fact that the stories are usually divided into short chapters, which provide readers with opportunities to stop and resume reading if their attention spans are not long enough to finish the book in one sitting. Chapter books are usually works of fiction of moderate length and complexity.

For  The Friday 56

"The tall man interrupted her, "Come on, son. It's time to go home." The tall man gave Lotite a final mean look and then took Charles Ray by the arm and led him away. Charles Ray glanced at her briefly with a pleading "don't-tell" look."
-- Barbara Frances (Lottie's Adventure, A Kidnapping Unraveled)

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