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Photos for Skywatch Friday

We took a drive down south along the coast to visit the seals and sea lions in San Diego, California at La Jolla Cove. Before descending the stairs to get close ups of the many seals basking in the sunshine, I wanted to share the overall view of the beach and sea wall.

Here's a nice wave for you as we look out from La Jolla Cove.  It was a wonderful outing to celebrate the first few days of January. We're having pleasant temps and blue skies here at sea lion island, while some of you are experiencing snow. How is it where you are?

San Diego Chef's Table

About The Book

San Diego is a vivacious and active food community whose eating habits are unpretentious yet familiar, conspicuous yet simple.  Famous for supporting a health-conscious lifestyle, with an abundant supply of fresh and organic products at their fingertips, the attitude of the chefs and diners alike is friendly and laid-back. From celebrity top chefs and James Beard Award Winners to experienced chefs who simply just love to cook, priding themselves on being eco-conscious, using only sustainable meats and seafood, the restaurants in San Diego are quickly becoming enchanting places, suitable for even the most discerning of palates. The the colorful California modern cuisine will tempt your taste buds with fusions of imaginative textures and flavors. With recipes for the home cook from over 60 of the city's most celebrated restaurants and showcasing around full-color photos featuring mouth-watering dishes, famous chefs, and lots of local flavor, San Diego Chef's Table is the ultimate gift and keepsake cookbook.

San Diego Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from America's Finest City

The Friday 56

This snippet is from the recipe, Mexican Shrimp Cocktail served at the restaurant, La Casa Guadalajara on Taylor St. in San Diego. I love cookbooks!
"Meanwhile, toss shrimp, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, salt and black pepper in a bowl until thoroughly combined." -- Maria Desiderata Montana

Fine Restaurants in La Jolla 

A.R. Valentien (The Lodge at Torrey Pines)

Cups La Jolla

La Valencia Hotel

Museum Cafe


Do you have a favorite eating place by the beach?


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