Review: Healthy Eating Vegetarian Diet for Beginners

Healthy Eating - Vegetarian Diet for Beginners

Book Description

Becoming vegetarian can be a difficult life change but now it doesn't have to be. Nicky Smith has simplified the process so that you can not only improve your health but improve your life.

In this Healthy Eating edition you will:

- Discover the reasons for becoming vegetarian
- Get clear on which vegetarian diet to embark on and how you can create your own rules to follow.
- Find tips on how to transition easily from your current diet
- Get advice on dining out and dealing with others opinions
- Learn how to stand up for yourself and your diet choice
- Discover vegetarian 101 like where to shop, what to buy, important nutritional information and health concerns.
- Gain inspiration & motivation
- Get access to further FREE resources that will help you on your vegetarian journey


Eating better and following a vegetarian diet, along the disciplined path of plant-based foods, will definitely improve your life. Whether you have the land and can grow your own food or perhaps have the opportunity to shop at local farmer's market, it's important to have a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Having some vegetarian staples in the pantry will also provide many options for you to create meals easily. Health concerns about vitamin intake are discussed in the book, along with learning some strategies in going about communicating your feelings on being a vegetarian. The author encourages the reader in taking a slow transition of not eating meat gradually. You'll find a list of quotes is in the front while websites for vegetarian resources is listed in the back. I found it to be informative but I missed photos and recipes.

4/4 stars. It was good but not great...

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"We've been practicing turning a blind eye to what we know if wrong for so long, that it's become automatic to the point of invisibility." -- Nicky Smith

Author, Nicky Smith offers a list of helpful sites at the back of the book:

The Vegetarian Resource Group

Vegetarian Dining

Green People

Vegetarian Society

Healthy Eating - Vegetarian Diet for Beginners

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