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Ever get tired of feeling like you’re not good enough, smart enough, or gifted enough? If so, Renee Swope has a message for you: you already have something special to offer the world!

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Built on the hope-infusing truths found in the 2012 Retailer's Choice Winner, A Confident Heart, Renee Swope's new 60-day devotional takes women on a journey toward lasting confidence. Swope has expanded her popular "When I say--God says" statements and Scriptures, and offers women a daily thought-map to help them exchange their most common and crippling self-doubts with God's transforming truths.

Like having a conversation with a friend and mentor, Renee's authentic style and soul-stirring devotions include personal stories, powerful biblical teaching, and real-life application wrapped around one of God's promises each day to help readers:

•live confidently in their God-given roles, relationships and responsibilities
•break free from people-pleasing and performance-based living
•believe God's promises and apply his truth in their daily lives
•trust the certainty of God's truth over their circumstances and emotions

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I'm looking forward to reading more of Renee's writings on the subject of a confident heart. I just started the book, so here's a blurb from 56% on my reader: 
"My unhealthy mindset made it hard to forgive, because I replayed hurtful words and situations in my mind over and over. It's very difficult (if not impossible!) to forgive what you regularly focus on." -- Renee Swope

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Renee Swope is a popular national women's conference speaker, radio show co-host, and the executive director of radio and devotions at Proverbs 31 Ministries. She is the author of A Confident Heart and a contributing author to three books, including a Gold Medallion finalist and a People's Choice Award finalist, as well as several online and print magazines. Renee is a featured writer for Encouragement for Today, online devotions that currently touch over 500,000 lives each day across the world. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children. Find out more at www.reneeswope.com.

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"A Confident Heart is a captivating, story-driven book that provides real solutions to the real doubts and fears we all face."--Jennifer Rothschild, author of Me, Myself & Lies
"You'll never be the same after you read this book!"--Sheri Rose Shepherd, bestselling author of His Princess and His Princess Bride

Confident Heart Devotional, A: 60 Days to Stop Doubting Yourself (A Confident Heart)

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clouds in northern sky: LadyD Books

This is a northern view from our ranch, looking towards some of our other neighbors on the hill. Where I live, we're zoned so that others may build on their 2-acre parcel of land all around us. Today has been such a pretty day and I just love looking out at these puffy, heart clouds.

strawberry field: LadyD Books

Although some of the avocado groves are being cut down, you can see the farmer's working hard on another new season of strawberries... Can't wait for the harvest!

Do you like avocados and strawberries?

Have a wonderful weekend,

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