Book Review: Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You!

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Successful tips for paper and electronic time management methods! Learn about time sponges, coloring your choices, saying no and the gift of time. 5/5 stars. Highly recommend.







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Smarter time management for a whole new world: faster, more flexible, and easier! Mark Woods' activity-based Attack Your Day system has helped thousands of individuals supercharge their productivity – in work and business, in school, and throughout their personal lives. Now, it's your turn! Attack Your Day's five crucial "activity management" skills and 101 productivity strategies can help you achieve unprecedented levels of effectiveness, as you move relentlessly towards achieving your most important goals in life. You'll learn how to dramatically improve the way you choose and prioritize your activities… organize your day so it's inherently more productive… make sure the most important tasks get done… overcome procrastination once and for all… know how and when to "turn on a dime" in response to events, without sacrificing focus or efficiency… learn how and when to say NO to interruptions. You're always doing "something": make sure you're doing the right things at the right times the right way, and you can transform your life!

Attack Your Day!: Before It Attacks You 


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Avoid overwhelm, deal with interruptions, and enjoy your best life.

The new time management is activity management.  An activity is anything we do.  It's a phone call, responding to an email or drop-in visitor, a work-related task, an unplanned meeting, exercising, spending time with family or friends. It’s even eating, sleeping or an emotion that we feel.  We engage in an activity every second of every day.

The activities we decide to do (or not do) can either direct us towards our goals in life or drive our stress level up to the point of overwhelm where we can’t seem to get anything accomplished.

Most old, established time management strategies do not fit today’s high intensity, rapidly changing, fast-paced environment.  What we need is fast, flexible, easy solutions. You’ll find them in this book.


The Friday 56 

"If you want time management to be easy, you need to "take-it-easy" for 30 minutes by yourself every day. Be a "lone arranger" and let tour mind, your subconscious, and your heart guide you."

My Review


The book grabbed my attention right away with a powerful statement about 3 incredible gifts. The points concerning time, energy and choice are well written. The author successfully breaks down simple time management approaches (for paper and electronic management methods) and covers a lot of material regarding your choices, arranging them and focusing on your activities. I especially love the part concerning "coloring your choices." It's a great visual for prioritizing and responding to what is vital, necessary, real, practical and efficient. For personal application on how to say no, the quotes discussed here provide an excellent platform of strength and confidence for the reader to practice at home, at work or anywhere for that matter. Slicing your time like pie and arranging your plate are excellent points to apply to one's life also. I'm not sure I will use all of the 6 bucket recommendation ideas for effective time/activity management but overall, I find the writings very useful and inspirational. I will personally reflect often upon the motto: Plan, Simplify, Be Strong.

5/5 stars! Highly recommend.


From The Back Cover


“Finally, a quick-fix approach to activity management that doesn’t take more time to learn than the amount of time it saves!”
--Trapper Woods, CSP

“This book is filled with nuggets of wisdom! Attack Your Day! delivers a unique and practical approach to activity management for a more productive life.”
--Greg S. Reid, bestselling author, Three Feet from Gold

About The Author 


Trapper Woods is a well-known expert in the field of time management, work-life balance, and customer service and is affectionately known as Father Time.  He has traveled more than 2.5 million miles, influencing tens of thousands of people throughout the United States and Canada.

Mark Woods has seventeen years of experience in training, project management, sales, and marketing. Mark uses his business experience to provide results-oriented strategies that drive peak performance in today’s fast-paced work environment.

Attack Your Day!: Before It Attacks You

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