Ten Little Ducklings for Swim Lessons

Mother Duck with Baby Ducks: LadyD Books

 At the Safari Park I came across this mama duck with her ducklings. In the Spring, I love how the warm sun casts shadows and ripples of light on the water. I'm a huge fan of water reflections.

Mama duck resting in the shade: LadyD Books

 Once on the other side of the lake, mother duck takes a break, enjoying her afternoon rest.

Four baby ducks take a nap: LadyD Books

O.k., I guess four baby ducks decide to finally settle down for a short afternoon nap because mama duck says so!

Flock of baby ducks by the water: LadyD Books

Aren't these little guys adorable? How many do you see? They are up and ready to get into formation!

Little Ducklings: LadyD Books

Ten little ducklings lined up for swimming lessons! I had so much fun seeing them all grouped together and watching their activity for a little while. Fortunately, they all pretty much stayed together so I could get a few lovely shots.

Photos for Wild Bird Wednesday

Have you ever had the opportunity to Take-Care-of-Ducklings or visited a hatchery?

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