Blackbird with No Name

Two black birds standing on a rock: LadyD Books

Some time ago I discovered a pair of blackbirds at the San Diego Safari Animal Park as I scrambled up the path just in time. I wish I knew something about them... like, where are they from? What type of bird are these guys? Next time for sure, I'll look at the signs and jot down some notes. For now, they will be called, "Two birds standing on a rock."

two birds hunting by the stream: LadyD Books

Coming out of the jungle scene above and walking along a garden path, I came across these two birds down by the water. I wondered if their origins were from the coast, by the beach or perhaps inland. Again I have no reference as to what kind of bird they are. Hence, their name is "Two birds hunting by the stream."

one bird looking intently for food

This bird indeed looks like he is missing something obvious. Perhaps he's looking for minnows.

many birds on the island

Finally, there was a remarkable number of black birds on this little island with no names, of course.

Well, for today's post I sincerely hope you can help me out with the proper bird names. As my bird watching hobby begins, I'll try to do better at reporting and labeling with my bird book in hand!

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