Red-tailed Hawks Love My Place

LadyD Books: Red-tailed Hawk

There is no denying that red-tailed hawks are birds of prey but many of us in our area find it fascinating to watch them turn sweeping circles in the air on their broad, rounded wings.

A pair of hawks: LadyD Books

Our neighbors have some beautiful Eucalyptus trees nearby and you can see that this duo of red-tailed hawks seem to survey the countryside from their perfect view.

When hawks come to rest, they like to be a minimum of 10 to 15 feet off the ground. In building nests, they value a solid foundation. Their nest is usually in the crotch of a large tree with a commanding view. I have seen these nests in eucalyptus and sycamore trees. I have read that some use the same nest every year, renewing the evergreen sprigs and leaves in the inner lining.

Hawk wings extended for flight: LadyD Books

bird perched on eucalyptus tree
I think the reason the birds favor the area is because they are fond of open areas and farmland, in addition to urban settings. Perched high on a tree or telephone pole, the keen-eyed hawk observes and waits patiently for its food.

hawk flying close by

Two hawks flying up yonder.

Hawk wing span

According to National Geographic, the average life span of a red-tailed hawk in the wild can be 21 years! The color of this variety of hawk is intriguing, as there are 14 recognized subspecies.

Hawk in flight: LadyD Books

There he goes! It seems their most popular targets are rabbits and squirrels in our region.

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