Pelican Cove

Pelicans sharing a moment together: LadyD Books

 One of my favorite spots in San Diego is La Jolla Cove. I actually renamed this particular place Pelican Cove. I find it very refreshing to look out over the ocean, taking in the salty breeze and feasting your eyes on all the birds. Although the place is famous along the coast for seal watching, I'm quite fond of the birds, especially the Pelicans. They are always scooping up fish and chatting amongst themselves. I enjoy the ecosystem dance. How about you?

bird beaks

cave near La Jolla Cove

one solitary pelican

many pelicans along the coastline

pelican's wing span

Gathering of birds at La Jolla shores

three wise pelicans: LadyD Books

 Three very wise pelicans and all their family members for Wild Bird Wednesday

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