The Crested Crane

African Crowned Cranes: LadyD Books

 Two African Crowned Cranes at the Safari Park, graceful as a pair of Flamingos. This gentle bird is the national bird of Uganda and has a loud call during flight.

Crane resting on the savanna

They eat insects, reptiles and small mammals on the savanna, laying in dry open habitats.

Crane nesting in water habitat

The gray African Crowned Crane nests in wetter habitats, like freshwater marshes and wet grasslands.

Two African Cranes

I spotted these two a far, chatting away (bird talk) as they scurried across the savanna!

Cranes having long hind toes

The Black African  Crowned Cranes (Balearica pavonina) root in trees due to their long hind toes allowing them to grasp branches.

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Grey crowned crane
Grey crowned...
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