The Lorikeet Tickle

LadyD-Books: Lorikeets

In 2008 I went to the Safari Park to observe the Lorikeet Landing. The bright colors on these beautiful birds attracted me, as it did so many others. I've shared The Lorikeet with you before.

I was quite surprised and indeed, a bit startled when they landed on my arm for their snack!!

Lorikeets sipping nectar from a cup: LadyD Books

Amazing, this bird watching thing... They talk with one another and take turns drinking nectar. So you purchase a little cup of nectar for around $3.00 and enjoy the thrill of feeding your very own bird for the moment. Needless to say... the kids love it and it makes a fond memory and photo op, of course for the whole family! Have you seen the Lorikeet?

The Lorikeet walk: LadyD Books

 The Lorikeet walking on the arm sure does tickle and it was a proud moment for me. Hopefully, for them as well!

Lorikeets head diving for their nectar: LadyD Books

Lorikeet Collage: LadyD Books

This collage was made on my CollageIt 3 Free Software. I had a wonderful time at the animal preservation with my daughter, son-in-law and first grandson way back then.

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Birds with little feet
You tickle upon my arm
Again we must meet


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