Good Morning Turtle Doves

Morning Dove: LadyD Books

Two Turtle Doves: LadyD Books

Six Turtle Doves: LadyD Books

Right outside the office window, underneath the naval orange tree in the grove, I spotted one turtle dove. At first, it was hard to see him since his grey-brown body blended so well with the grove soil. Soon there were two turtle doves... which then turned into a family of six mourning doves. I've read that they can produce six broods a year in warm areas, like SoCal.

Needless to say, I'm always delighted to see them on our land. Very peaceful and they fly so quickly. As you look at the land, you can see we are still experiencing drought conditions with pleasantly warm temperatures while the children go back to school.

Let's hope rains return to sunny California this winter!

What have you discovered this week along your bird-watching trail?

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