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About The Book

Kids Book: "Frog on a Log" - rhyming counting books for children is a must have for kids who love numbers and finding things. If you love picture books for kids then you will love our full color, full page pictures. Learning to count is one of the basic foundations of math and children's books usually don't include the layering effect that his book does. More than just a counting book, each page adds visual items for your child to find then in the latter half of the book, takes them away again in reverse order, helping the beginning of subtraction but in a visual way that young children can grasp. If your child loves to find hidden objects then this book is for you.

Using the numbers 1 - 10, Frog on a log is a kids counting book that will not only teach your child to count, but the concepts of addition and subtraction, long before they can understand the actual processing of numbers.

Visually appealing with bold colors, the illustrations add new things each page. In rhyming verse, our poor little frog who is sitting quietly in his pond, gets more than he bargains for.

If you watch closely, his emotions change slightly with each page as he becomes more and more frustrated, that is, until things start disappearing!

Frog on a Log is one of many rhyming children's books that Diana F Acheson has written. If you are looking specifically for rhyming picture books for children, then this book will also teach your child colors, numbers and matching concepts.

Repetition is also a feature of the text which has been shown to be really important for young children in learning language and sequencing.

Delightful enough for very young children 2-4 or also fun for older children to find objects that are hidden all over the page, this one of many counting children's books will have your child coming back time after time.

Frog in his pond with unexpected guests.

The Friday 56

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!"

Short post, I know. I've been busy making sure all my little ones have their costumes for upcoming school and church events. Weather has changed a bit here and the aroma of Fall activities is in the air!

So, what are you reading these days?

 Review: Why I Like The Book (Frog on a Log by Diana F Acheson)

 Little ones will enjoy meeting a frog who lives peacefully in his pond. There's many shapes and colors to discover. This is a very engaging book for children to find objects and lost animals, like fish, bees, spiders and leaves around the pond. Plus, they'll learn addition and subtraction by counting from 1- 10. The rhyming with repetition is easy to remember with colorful nature scenes to enjoy. My youngest grandson loves this one.

5/5 stars!

Rhyming Picture Books For Children : "Frog on A Log" (Illustrated Children's Books to Learn Counting)

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