Broken for a Purpose: Review

Broken For A Purpose: LadyD Books

“If God loves me, why am I going through so many trials?”

If that is your question, hope awaits you in this sensitive book.

With great Scriptural reverence, Gisela walks with you through the veil of brokenness and shares transparently what God has taught her through much heartache.

You will discover

  • Your infinite value to God
  • God's purposes and methods of testing
  • The key to gaining new strength
  • How to overcome, rather than suppress, your problems

About the Author


In her simple, soft-spoken style, Gisela Yohannan humbly teaches God's Word with deep insight and practical life application. She is a godly woman whose life is being poured out to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Her teachings candidly reveal her experiences, tears and joys. Those who hear her speak are left with new hope and confidence that God s promises are always bigger than their circumstances.

Gisela is married to well-known mission leader and author, K.P. Yohannan, who is the founder and international director of Gospel for Asia. K.P. and Gisela have two grown children, Daniel and Sarah. Both along with their families, are serving the Lord on the Asian mission field.

Gisela's teachings have ministered to thousands of Christians--especially women--in Asia and the West. She has authored four books: Consider Your Call, Broken for a Purpose, Mate and Helpmate and Dear Sister.
"There is truly no greater privilege we can have, than to grow deeper in our love for Jesus," Gisela says, "and in turn share His heart of compassion with the lost world. He is able to use our lives beyond what we can imagine if we are completely His."

The Friday 56 

"Your smile and your kindness. Is it just culture, or is it from the heart?"

My Review

What a timely book for me to read right after having major surgery. I highly recommend this one for anyone facing major challenges in their life. If you're looking for some answers for renewing a right direction for your life, then this is the one for you. Reflecting on my present circumstances, I found the author's words encouraging, comforting and hopeful on every page. Sometimes when one is facing a very introspective moment or season, it does a soul some good to have a brighter light move us forward with a new perspective and future that is much bigger than our present situation. This makes a great gift and a must for home and church library.

5/5 stars. Highly recommend.

Broken for a Purpose

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