The Art of Frugal Simplicity

The Art of Frugal Simplicity

The Art of Frugal Simplicity: Your Complete Guide to Saving Money, Decluttering and Simplifying Your Life (Plus 75 Ideas for Getting Started): Simplicity ... Tips, Frugality, Frugal Luxuries Book 1)

Book Description

Everyone is aware that it is never simple to save money for the future. It seems like there are so many expenses that need to be covered today and this has brought about a wide range of excuses for people who come up short-handed. They earn well, but they find their income inadequate after paying bills. 

Why is this so? 

This book will tell you all about that and how you can change such deteriorating habits. 

As you read through the different parts of this book, you will find out about how you can slowly make your way towards a simple and stress-free life, cushioned with savings. 

This book will define what frugality is, and how it is associated with simplicity. You will learn about 75 habits that you can do to get started on this new and healthier lifestyle. This will serve as a guide for every reader for transitioning from their old habits to these new ones. 

Towards the end, you will find some helpful takeaways; some points to remember if you want to take action, some resources to read, as well as some concluding interpretations that will wrap up the whole book experience. 

What I Like:

The book defines simplicity and frugality. There's a chapter on saving money for the future. Then, a part on organizing your life and finally, maintaining a good life. I like this!

Favorite Quote

"A person who is frugal will not waste money on things that are not really important."

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