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Who are you?

Book #5 in the series, Balu Baldauf by author and illustrator Ruthz SB

My Thoughts

The story is about a boy who wrote a letter to Santa and wondered what gift he was going to get. Have you ever felt that way? I know my grandsons have written many letters to Santa and thought the same way. At first, Balu was disappointed in finding out that his present was just a big blue ball and an old one at that but he named her 'world' and gave her a big hug.

Unexpectedly, 'world' asked, "Who are you?" Balu shared his name but that isn't what world meant... It wasn't about his age.

Balu and World

Balu tells 'world' all about his family but he repeats the question to him again, "Who are you?"

Boy playing drums

Balu tells her all about his love for music and all the other things that he likes. Again world says to him that it's not about hobbies.

children's picture book

The little guy was so perplexed at this stupid question! He tried and tried to give the right answer. Then he starts to think about world's perspective on things and realizes they both are special, too!

The Friday #56 

He put himself in her shoes and wondered what would World respond to the same question? 
I know, it's only 18 pages...

My Review

A sweet story that goes to the heart of the matter. Discovering who you are and not what you do is a strong healthy platform to grow and stand on throughout your entire life. The author's creative story line in producing a wonderful dialogue between a small boy and our huge world is brilliant. Weaving many colorful illustrations to enhance the words for early readers is engaging for the child and parents, too. The journey for the little one to discover that he/she is special and loved reaps great rewards in child development with good self-esteem and developing friendships with all people.

I really like this one! 5/5 stars.

Children Books: Who are you? (Preschool) Self-identity - picture book for Early & Beginner Readers (Balu Baldauf series 5)

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