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Living on 2 1/2 acres out in the country is a wonderful lifestyle and rewarding opportunity to grow much of our own food. I am so thankful for this experience and feel so blessed. I just finished reading a book on canning this week and thought I'd share it with my readers.

Here's What The Book Is About

This guide is intended to provide you with the essential information to make your first small jars in a safe and enjoyable way. It will guide you through all stages from preparation to storage of your products.

You will discover the principles of conservation for different types of food, the benefits of home canning, the recommended methods as well as the ones to avoid.

Then you will learn the two proper methods of treatment: the boiling water bath and the pressure canning methods. You will find a list of essential equipment and the detailed steps for a successful canning experience.

Finally you will gain some hands on experience with our easy and delicious recipes.

This guide does not claim to be scientific or complete. We simply want to give you the tools you need to get into the fun activity of preparing your home preserves.

Book Content Inside

12 recipes that will allow you to practice the canning techniques. They are divided into three levels of complexity:

Level 1 = easy. The recipes are very simple. You can focus on techniques for canning without too much worry about the recipe itself.
Recipe # 1 - Apple sauce with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla (boiling water method)
Recipe # 2 - Canned Pears (boiling water method)
Recipe # 3 - Canned fresh tomatoes (pressure canning method)
Recipe # 4 - Canned Carrots (pressure canning method)

2 = medium level. The recipes are a little more elaborate. There are more steps before moving on to canning.
Recipe # 5 - Tangerine marmalade (boiling water method)
Recipe # 6 – Pork Cretons à la JeBouffe (pressure canning method)
Recipe # 7 - Quick and Tasty Green Ketchup (boiling water method)
Recipe # 8 - Marinara Sauce (pressure canning method)

Level 3 = complex. The recipes are longer and more complex. There are more steps before moving on to canning.
Recipe # 9 - Plum jam with cinnamon (boiling water method)
Recipe # 10 - Nectarine Chutney (pressure canning method)
Recipe # 11 - Cherries and Raspberries Spread (boiling water method)
Recipe # 12 - Kedjenou chicken (pressure canning method)

By following these recipes step by step, we guarantee the success of your first home preserves.

I pretty much peel and chop apples in a dutch oven over the stove, adding some water and lemon juice. Boil down till soft and add some sugar. When it's the right consistency, then I fill the jars and process in pressure canner for 8 mins. Many times I just freeze homemade applesauce in quart bags.

How about you? Oh, here's a recipe from the book:

Applesauce Sauce with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla

Production: 10 - 1/2 pint jars
Preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes


Apples - 10 lbs.
Sugar - 1 cup
Nutmeg - 1 teaspoon
Vanilla Extract - 1/4 cup


1. Prepare a large bowl of cold water and add the lemon juice to it.
2. Peel, core and slice apples. Place in water.
3. Remove the apples from the bowl and drain.
4. In a large pot, cook the apples over medium heat for 3-4 mins.
5. When the apples start to disgorge their juice, increase heat to high.
6. Stir regularly until apples are tender.
7. To produce an apple sauce, put everything in a blender or food processor to create a puree.
8. Add sugar, nutmeg, and vanilla. Simmer for more than 2 mins. to dissolve the sugar.
9. Pour into jars, close and process.

15 mins. in a boiling water bath or 8 mins. of pressure canning under 6 lbs. of pressure.

My Thoughts

Basic information for those who are new to canning and it's a quick read. Not too much new here for me but I thought I'd try the Quick and Tasty Green Ketchup recipe. Photos to go with the fruit recipes would have been nice to see here.  3/4 stars.

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