Happy, Healthy and Prepared: Top Tips (Review)

Review: Happy, Healthy and Prepared

About The Book

Homesteading, gardening, canning, family life, healthy living, essential oils and emergency preparedness -- It's all here in this collection of top tips from the hosts of The Survival Mom Radio Network.

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"What we consume and feed to our children does matter! It is important to listen to our bodies. We are not supposed to be sick all the time!"

My Thoughts

The book contains lots of links to several videos and tons of information on the internet. Within the pages you'll find humor, insights and personal stories of triumph and failure.

Healthy Living
Home & Family
Growing and Preserving Food
Prepping & survival

My favorite sections in the book talks about structured routines providing security for children, and sharing reading tips for success. I like how the author shares many links for the reader to follow along with appropriate podcasts that go with the subject matter. Because I have always pretty much grown my own food, and love cooking and sewing, the book is a huge hit with me. This style of writing is a new approach for me, sharing podcasts with the reader. I enjoyed being a part of The Survival Mom Radio Network. 5/5 stars. Recommend.

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