Review: Box Set: The Minimalist Budget + A Minimalist Lifestyle + Modern Minimalism

I am cleaning out my closets and all my cupboards and book shelves. How about you?
Is the Minimalist Lifestyle appealing to you? Here's what I mean...

About The Book

Here's what you'll get with this three book package: 

The Minimalist Budget: A Guide to Help You Save More, Spend Less and Reduce Stress 

✔What minimalism really is 

✔How to lead a minimalist lifestyle (without sacrificing your standard of living) 

✔How to cut down on your budget in a number of practical, effective ways 

A Minimalist Lifestyle: 21 Days to Living a More Fulfilled, Happier Life

✔How to detach from physical things and de-clutter your mind (Day 1-7) 

✔How to determine what is essential and what isn't 

✔The benefit of a temporary change in scenery 

Modern Minimalism: How to Live with Less and Experience More in Today's Hectic World

✔How a consumer mindset actually makes us slaves to the very things we own 

✔What does being a minimalist really mean? 

✔Why should someone even life a minimalist lifestyle? 

The Friday #56 and The Book Nook

"With a minimalist lifestyle, you can build authentic relationships, take part in your hobbies, go on vacations, transform people's lives and stay focused on who you really are and what you want to become."


I love the author's style of writing. I learned a great deal, especially in regards to having a changed perspective on reducing. The book is well organized and easy to understand, like organizing your things by keeping them, giving them away or throwing them away. If you're a pack-rat or just find yourself with way too many belongings weighing you down, and you can't find what's really important to you, then this box set is for you. Learn how to detach from all stuff. This isn't a one-time-fix-all read but rather a beneficial, daily lifestyle for improving your well-being.

4/5 stars. Recommend it.

Biography: Jessica Jacobs

"Natural and Holistic Health Books that Improve Your Well-Being"

I'm a firm believer that books can dramatically improve your well-being. Not only that, but these books should be affordable, easy to read and have ideas that are easy to apply so you can reap the benefits as you go about your life on a daily basis. My books are produced with these goals in mind.

My name is Jessica Jacobs. I'm a Wife, Mother, reader, writer, well-being enthusiast and a curious person. I began publishing my writing in 2012 and this path has truly been a labor of love for me.

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Sometimes it just seems as though the heavens are talking to you, whether it's daytime or in the night.
What are they saying? Well, maybe "X" marks the spot! Perhaps, just looking up these signs are a gentle reminder that God cares and we are always surrounded by His love. 

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