Review: Survival Guide for Beginners

Review: Survival Guide for Beginners l LadyD Books

Survival Guide for Beginners by Vitaly Pedchenko is free on Kindle for now.  It's about 120 pages and well organized with chapters on:

Types of Disasters
Mental Preparation
Physical Readiness
Emergency Food Storage
Surviving an Earthquake... and so much more.

About The Book

Super storm Sandy ripped up the eastern seaboard of the United States, leaving death and destruction in its path. While everyone knew the storm's path, and when it would strike, people and the community as a whole were caught off guard by the devastation. Super storm sandy provides an example of why preparing for the worst-case scenario is the prudent path to take.

The Friday #56

Your water supply can become contaminated or stop all together even if it is supplied by a water treatment plant and any surface water can be contaminated by seawater because of storm surges. You should have a week's supply of drinking water and water for sponge baths and oral hygiene. One gallon per person daily will cover hydration needs as well as personal hygiene.

My Review 

Preparedness and planning ahead in any situation is a must, especially when it comes to a crisis. The author does an excellent job in mapping out for us the best emergency survival resources. Priorities in any survival situation regarding shelter, water, fire and food are discussed to help you on your own for at least 10-14 days. The food storage list is great for the basic essentials, along with water sources and first aid kit items. With today's conditions that we see on the news, well it reminds me to take notes on how to survive a riot if need be. Just to survive a power blackout is listed within the pages here. I don't live in an area where I would experience a flood or blizzard but we do have earthquakes here. The book is a great guide sharing all the essentials one needs to survive bad times.

4/5 stars!

Survival Guide for Beginners

Happy Reading and Happy 4th!

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