Review: WEBSTER'S em@il

Review: WEBSTER'S Em@il l LadyD Books

About The Book

One click, and Webster's email is on its way... but where will it stop?

Webster's Email is a wonderfully witty rhyming story that gathers pace as the little spider begins to regret emailing a funny picture of his sister. Count with Webster in this number book as his email reaches more and more people, while gently introducing young readers to the vocabulary and etiquette of email technology.

One of a collection of picture books about technology for children, that introduce topics about online safety, over sharing, email, meeting strangers online and using computers responsibly. Appropriate for a young audience (ages 3-8) they are a perfect tool for parents, teachers and librarians to teach children about digital issues or for new readers to explore themselves. 

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The Friday #56

"So it arrived with Roger Frog who put it on his big screen. Ivy looked even funnier now, and he became fourteen." -- Hannah Whaley

As you can see, I've posted a few quirky illustrations from the picture book, best suited for ages 3-8.

My Review

This is a cute educational story about the email process, short and to the point. A sweet little spider named Webster snaps a picture of his sister making a funny face, of course. He decides to send it to a friend but later learns that each recipient sent it to someone else. Now, Webster wishes he never sent it at all! He soon realizes he made a big mistake knowing it will reach his mother's account and he'll for sure be in deep trouble. Webster learns a very important lesson about the proper use of technology. I think this is a charming, easy to read the story for children 3-8,  learning about sharing on the internet safely. It's so appropriate for what's happening today on social media sites and extremely important to think through your choices when sharing before you push 'send.' I like the storyline and overall content.

4/5 stars. Recommend

About The Author

Hannah Whaley is based in Scotland, and has always worked to combine education, technology and research. She graduated with a degree in Applied Computing in 2004 and was named UK Learning Technologist of the Year in 2007, before moving into University library management in 2009. Her books help introduce children to technology from an early age through reading and stories.
This book is currently free at the moment for Kindle readers.

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