The Art of Getting Things Done: Book Review

The Art Of Getting Things Done: Vincent A. Santiago

About The Book

In a world full of busy schedules, family time and unscheduled meetings, time is Gold.

Time is a very precious nonrenewable resource, and this is what you'll hear from people who know the value of it. They say that the more you rush, the faster the time gets, and the more you wait, the slower it gets. The truth is that time will remain the same whether you rush or not. It really depends on the way you manage yourself. That is why self-management is key. It helps you become more organized, punctual, and a more effective person. The Art of Getting things Done was created to serve those who lack in the "self-management" category. It also teaches you self-discipline and self-awareness in order to successfully manage all of your work, and have time for additional activities. But this is only scratching the surface! Much much more will be included in this simple, step by step guide.

In this book you'll learn:

  • The importance of a winning attitude.
  • How to create effective to-do lists the right way.
  • The 5 most powerful to-do lists that will save you time.
  • How to weigh your priorities.
  • How to remain calm amidst distractions.
  • The benefits of taking a break.
  • How to develop new habits for a none productive day.
  • How to stay healthy and attain prosperity.
Time management might be a little tricky, but The Art of getting Things Done provides a step-by-step blueprint to make life easy, more fun, and hassle free.

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"If your goal is to keep calm and stay relaxed, it is best to listen to piano pieces or instrumental music instead of grunge rock or similarly loud music."

Why I Like It 

There are ten well organized chapters, mostly about self management and having a winning attitude. I think there's some valuable information here, like getting a breakthrough on mastering your own attitude is everything. Next, the author tackles effective and doable to-do lists to incorporate a healthy self discipline. I like that the author makes an important point in taking small breaks and learning to outsource, delegate tasks to the right people if you're a successful business leader. What I enjoyed most about the book was the underlying importance of tuning out distractions and ignoring them. Make it a habit to stay calm is a good mantra to have for oneself. It's true, we will have trials come our way but having good health makes it easier for you to think positive thoughts and help you to go onward, despite adversities in life. I like the book and the author seems to share form his heart the tried and true lessons he has learned in life that work for him.

4/5 stars.

About The Author

Performing at peak performance doesn't mean following the latest trends or motivational programs.

True health, wealth and prosperity come when you take action every single day. In other words, it's the paradigms that help you achieve your goals and truly live the life you've always wanted. What's a paradigm?

Paradigm's are simply a multitude of habits. Your results are in direct proportion to your habits, and if you want better results, alter the paradigm.

Vincent Santiago is an Audio Engineer, Producer, Recording Artist, Author and Entrepreneur. In his books, he has developed simple and effective strategies in the areas of health, fitness, work and personal relationships.

His books provide step-by-step instructions to maximize your full potential while breaking down the barriers that keep you from living the life you dream of.

If you're having problems saving and accumulating money, achieving your short term/long term goals, managing your time, and discovering your passion and purpose in life, allow him to solve your problem.

Vincent's strategies have worked for countless individuals across the globe regardless of age, creed or background. His books are available in digital format and can be read on any computer, smartphone or tablet with Amazon's Kindle App and begin reading immediately.

The return on your investment will be far greater than the cash value. When Vince is not working he enjoys a good laugh, exercising, reading and exploring the world.

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