Santa, Is It Really You?

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About The Book

Marilyn Harkrider's "Santa, Is It Really You?" is a family friendly book about friendship, working as a team, and keeping the child-like wonderment of Santa alive.

Santa has a dilemma, and the only person who can help is a boy he once knew who has grown up, but not grown out of believing in the magic of Christmas.

Santa loves delivering presents on Christmas Eve, but he really misses being able to sit down and talk with children. He misses hearing about their dreams and their ideas for toys. Then one special Christmas Eve at his last stop, Santa meets a little boy who has crept out to see the Big Man in person. Santa invites ben to crawl into his lap and meets a little boy who has crept out to see the Big Man in person. Santa invites Ben to crawl into his lap and have a late night chat. After this fulfilling encounter, Santa decides to make a few similar stops each year, but always remembering to see Ben. After many years, Santa still feels that there is more he could do for the children; after all he can't stop at everyone's house for a talk over milk and cookies. He discusses this concern with a now teenage Ben, who has a solution.

Ben's plan involves taking the man in red down to the local department store to meet the children there. Santa lovingly and patiently listens to as many of the children's requests, ideas, and behavior report cards as he can, promising to return the next day. He continues this visit for many more years, but as scheduled appearances grow, his duties at the North Pole get handed over to Mrs. Clause. Once she becomes overwhelmed with the job, it is time again for Santa to confer with a now adult ben. His idea will change the way that children interact with Santa forever.

Santa, Is It Really You?

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I know it's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but with the hot humidity and triple digit highs we've been experiencing here in SoCal, all I think about is SNOW! Plus, this is a very good read because we all know that Santa is warm in his heart.

 "Before they went to sleep, however, they ate their treat of sweet oats and flying dust. They nuzzled Santa in thanks before he went into the warm house at the top of the world."

My Thoughts

From the beginning, we get a sense of Santa's passion for the children, along with his wonderful toy making from the North Pole. Sadly, Santa misses talking with all of the children since most of them are asleep when he delivers presents but then one night Santa experiences a special moment talking with an awakened child named Ben. The warm and beautiful illustrations enhance the sweet, heartfelt story line nicely. The story unfolds at a steady pace as we discover Santa loves to wake up some of the children and listen to their stories and checks up on their behavior. Soon a crisis arises in that Santa needs to reach a vast number of children to discuss new toy ideas and Ben has come up with a solution. The story of Santa Claus' helpers in the stores will keep your attention and possibly answer some of your own questions.

I really like this one and recommend to friends. 5/5 stars.

About The Author

Marilyn Harkrider has taught in three states, in both public and private schools, in Spanish and English. She has taught AP Writing and Composition, and Honors English as well as being on committees for the creation of the IB program in her school. She was the Kid's Club Host for the PBS station in Charlotte, N.C. Her two grown children are married, and she has five grandchildren.

I received a free copy from Lucid Books in exchange for my honest review.

Santa, Is It Really You?

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