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The Christmas Fairy
By John Strange Winter, Francis E. Crompton and Mrs. Molesworth

Discover the magic of the 1878 classic short stories Christmas Fairy for children.

Illustration from A Christmas Fairy
"A tall, handsome lady came in, and Shivers flew to her arms."

The Friday #56

"Helena did not reply. She was feeling too annoyed and vexed, and she did not like Freda's wish to hide what had really caused their troubles."
Illustration from A Christmas Fairy

I enjoyed this delightful tale regarding Mrs. Frere and her 3 children, Helena, Willie and Leigh. The beginning is a bit sad with some disappointing news of two boys at school not being able to return home for the holiday because of the long distance to India and also because of the terrible sickness, scarlet fever. Good fortune soon comes their way, and a kind Aunt takes on both boys for the holiday. Alas, there is such a thing as a fairy after all! The children then meet up with the four Kingleys, Sybil, Hugh, Freda and Maggie. So many adventures to read about with their stay in the countryside, seeing water-hens and floundering around in the mud by a chilly stream. Well, one afternoon something comes up and there are lessons to be learned. All in all, a charming story and well written.

4/5 stars. I enjoyed the book.

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Skywatch Friday

January sky in SoCal: LadyD Books

Double rainbow after the storm: LadyD Books

We've been experiencing some rainfall and we're so excited about that but unfortunately, not enough rainfall for SoCal to end the drought. We'll take free water anytime. With some frequent passing showers, we've seen a rainbow or two. Happy skywatching!

P.S. We had a warm, wonderful family Christmas. I was surrounded with 3 grown kids, my charming son-in-law and 5 adorable, fun-loving grandchildren. Our New Year's was peaceful and very relaxing. Wishing you many blessings for 2016. Happy New Year!

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