All Aboard the Ark: Book Review

All Aboard the Ark

Book Description

All Aboard the Ark pairs simple rhyming text with charming watercolor illustrations in this delightful board book perfect for little ones.

Keep in mind that I have 5 adorable grandchildren who love to hear a good story!  Naturally we read lots of kid's books around my house. I have reviewed lots of board books over time, so you can take a peek towards the end of this post if you're interested.

The Friday #56

With the format of a  board book only having 24 pages with very little text, here is my favorite rhyme at the very beginning:

"Sun is high. Rain is coming.
God calls out. We come running."

My Thoughts

An adorable board book for young children, ages 2-4 and 4-8. It's a quick read with short rhymes to memorize. Just right for a bedtime story. So many animals will keep young children's attention, especially seeing the many pastel illustrations of animals. You'll find kids engaging with purple elephants, lavender giraffes and pink bunnies! Plus, there's some more fun loving animals with warm smiling faces. Everyone seems warm and content inside the ark that produces a feeling and sense of security that all is well. The story itself is a stream lined version of the Bible account of Noah's Ark for young minds to discover and learn from an animal perspective. The animals come running into the ark, they take a bath in a wooden tub and it's at this point you'll hear the children giggle! Once all 5 animals see the birdie with the leaf, they step outside 2 by 2 and dance under the rainbow sign in the sky of God's forever love. Soon they all fall fast asleep under the starry skies. Cute book! My favorite part of the book is the opening rhyme. The book is best suited for preschool. Keep in mind, it leaves out so much more from a Biblical account for the K-1st grade children.

4/5 stars. Recommend for home and church library. Good one for gift giving, too. Liked it!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links in post.

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Another storm has passed, leaving us with more hopeful rainbow promises of a new day!

Happy reading and skywatching!

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