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Yes, it's that special time of year for us in celebrating the resurrection of Christ. It's a personal time of reflection, a wonderful celebration with family and friends and the Easter egg hunt is always fun for the grandkids! I especially enjoy those relaxing moments and sitting down with a good book. I've read tons of Max Lucado books in the past and love them all. This Is a more recent one I just finished reading.

A New View on the Old Rugged Cross

Are peace, joy, and significance on your wish list?  How about redemption, forgiveness, the salvation of your soul?  Each of these descriptors bring us to the main event:  grace.  Saving grace, God’s immeasurable gift intended for all.  Regardless of accomplishments or station in life, despite sins of the past, anyone can receive the free gift of grace. 
Yet too often we take God’s incomparable gift for granted—despite the fact that God’s very Son paid for it with his body, breath, and blood. Understandably, we often find ourselves caught up in the daily routine of life, not taking time to reflect on the enormity of God’s mercy.
So here’s a suggestion:  give yourself the gift of a few moments spent in the world of God’s grace.  Read pastor Max Lucado’s unique, stirring insights into God’s role as grace-giver. Spend some time reflecting on the gift of grace, in all its magnificent meaning.  
Let grace, the gift for all people, speak to you personally through these pages.

For All People—Even You

God loves you more than you can imagine.

Is that hard to believe?   Many of us consider ourselves unworthy due to past sins and mistakes, wrong turns and missteps., 
But God’s gift of grace is limitless.  Though we are undeserving, he offers grace.  Though we are weak in our faith, he extends strength through grace. God’s endless grace is a free gift.  It cannot be earned.  
No matter who you are or what you’ve done, the all-powerful God waits for you to choose him, to choose life in his presence—here and in heaven. 

 “[God] simply wants you home with him. And to bring you home, he offers you a gift. My prayer is that through these pages you’ll see his gift like you’ve never seen it. If you’ve already accepted it, you’ll thank him again. And if you’ve never accepted it, you will. For it’s the gift of a lifetime, a gift for all people.”

—Max Lucado

"Yet somehow, despite all the pain, Jesus was able to see good in the bad, the purpose in the pain, and God's presence in the problem."

My Review 

So many powerful words are written in the short chapters here. They are very touching and life changing. The focus of the book is about Jesus loving us, His immeasurable gift of love and His free gift of grace setting us free. The stories are very warm and personable. I love all of Max Lucado books and this one is an easy read. It is simplistic in word crafting and powerfully effective in grabbing your heart and changing your life. Jesus invites you to choose Him. Salvation is a gift for all people. Get the book because it's relevant for today and may minister to your heart where you are on your life's journey of seeking truth and coping in an ever changing world!

5/5 stars. Highly recommend.  

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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