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About The Book

This is a no-fluff Pinterest marketing guide. You can learn how to grow your follower count with ease. I teach you how to build a professional looking profile, how to find and create pins, daily action plans for success, and one of the greatest resources to build followers and authority on Pinterest. You can learn how to build a professional looking profile and how to gain thousands of followers over time.

This eBook contains all my knowledge about Pinterest. I have created multiple profiles in a variety of niches over the past several years. In my experience, I found Pinterest to be a great source of website traffic and a great way to build your brand.

I try to make Pinterest marketing as simple as possible so you can get a lot of followers and gain authority. The more followers you can gain now, the easier it will be to advertise your brand later. Pinterest has always been one of the best traffic sources, which is why I wrote this book in the first place. Pinterest for business does not have to be difficult any longer.

I also included a section with a bunch of free and paid tools that will really help. Inside, you will find everything from the Pinterest app to Pinterest WordPress plugins and themes. You might find some tools very useful and there are a lot of free resources to help you with this unique social media network.

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Depending on your Pinterest topic, you might use quotes or motivational images. I prefer using because it has the most features. 
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Book Review

Marketing tips and methods to grow followers and your brand on Pinterest is what this guidebook is all about. It's easy to read and you can look back on it for an easy reference. The author walks you through setting up your profile on Pinterest, knowing what and when to pin photos; knowing how to connect with others. I am currently using information from the action plans to be more successful on Pinterest and to take the best being offered here, while learning from other's mistakes. If you are new to Pinterest, there's a section of shared sites for creating your pins. In addition, there are many free Pinterest tools and resources enclosed. I found the book guide to be quite helpful

4/5 stars.

About The Author

I am Corey Frankosky and I have 5 years of experience with SEO, affiliate marketing, and blogging. A year ago, I graduated from college with a degree in Information Systems and decided to go for my MBA. In August of 2013, I graduated from college with my Masters in Business Administration.

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